Surviving Under Fire: Learning from the Resilience of Ukraine’s Startups

One year has passed since Russia's full invasion of Ukraine. Here's how Ukrainian startups are holding up.

Can ChatGPT Write Sci-Fi Novels? Or Will It Just Bore Us to Tears?

ChatGPT is the new chatbot that has taken the Internet by storm. It can write as well as real humans, but can it write fiction as well? Let's find out

AI and Algorithms are Game Changers at the Qatar World Cup

The big games have begun. From motion sensor balls to crowd controlling AI, here’s what is in store for the tech-driven FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Where to go after leaving Twitter

Sick of all the Twitter drama? Here are a few social media alternatives worth looking into

War, Big Tech, and the Digital Iron Curtain

While the war in Ukraine continues to intensify, Putin struggles to control the media

How to Watch The Latest Oscar Nominated Films Without Leaving Your Couch

Can't wait? Watch these Academy Award hopefuls today on your favorite streaming platforms

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