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Philips T1207 True Wireless Headphones Review: A Bang for your Buck

Philips T1207 True Wireless Headphones Review: A Bang for your Buck

Still looking for budget headphones in 2022? In August, I took it upon myself to give the Phillips T1207 True Wireless Headphones a run for their money. And after owning these nifty little gadgets for a few weeks, I must admit to having been pleasantly surprised.

So today I’m sharing my thoughts. Below, I have listed 5 distinguishing features that make these headphones stand out from more “popular” wireless headphones, such as the Apple airpods. 

1. Audio quality

This is the kicker for any type of headphones. And with the T1207s, I can feel each note tickling my eardrums. Although there is technically no noise canceling feature, I can’t hear anything but the audio coming from the headphones. It almost feels like there’s a private concert going on in my head; In my opinion, the audio quality for this headphone is just as good as the apple airpods. 

2. In-ear comfort

The T1207’s fitting style is quite unique. The physical speaker in which the noise exits, is more exterior than most earphones I’ve seen, allowing for a more snug fit and overall better audio quality. It also comes with three interchangeable ear pieces to fit your ear size. This airtight earpiece allows for maximum exposure of sound to your ear. Good luck hearing anything else!

3. Portability 

These true wireless headphones come in a sleek, tiny case. This case is not only extremely portable, but easy to use as well. This charging case uses a USB-C cable for lighting fast charge time. 15 minutes of charge will get you 1 hour of playtime, with a total of 18 hour of playtime, 6 hours per session. This case is one of the smallest, sleekest cases I’ve seen for wireless headphones so far, which adds to both convenience and aesthetic. 

Image credit: Philips.com
Image credit: Philips.com

4. Built-in Convenience

These headphones come with buttons on the side of each piece. The built-in buttons one the side of each earphone allows you to access calls, play music, and wake your voice assistant via the touch of a button. This means you don’t need to take out your phone every time you need something done. Personally, I find this feature very useful when I’m at work or working out at the gym . 

Pairing is the easiest, swiftest part to figure out by far. To pair, simply remove the earphones out of the case and pair with your device through bluetooth. 

5. Additional plus: IPX4 Splash Resistance

This feature is perfect for anyone who exercises or lives in suboptimal weather conditions. Similar to the airpods pro, these headphones can take a splash from any direction. You won’t have to worry about any sweat or splashes of water damaging the headphones. This feature is quite tactical, consider a pair of headphones at this price. Wear these headphones in an intense workout or even in the rain! 

Source: Philips.com

Is it Worth it? The Final Verdict

Honestly, my expectations are never too high when I purchase a quality product for less than what I think it should be worth. However, these earphones took me by surprise. After using them on a daily basis for a few weeks, I could hardly tell a difference in quality from the Apple AirPods. I can confidently say that these are now one of my go-to headphones. 

I have owned every pair of AirPods since they first came out, and I can safely say that you are just paying for the brand. Especially purchasing these for a measly 38 dollars, I was not expecting this. These Philips headphones are the epitome of a “bang for your buck”. If you are looking for a quality pair of true wireless headphones for a killer price, check out the T1207s. 


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